Over 75 years of


A unique business with shared values and ethical beliefs.

Where it began.

Combining more than 75 years of experience in water, infrastructure, and environmental industries, Nick, Paul, and Tony decided to unite their expertise in March 2020.

Having collectively worked for a range of water authorities, local government authorities, large consultancies and agencies and also having run their own businesses, they decided to join forces.

The team have based themselves in the heart of Somerset, with Glastonbury Tor right on the doorstep, but operates nationally working for a range of clients.

Our shared vision.

With shared values and beliefs, the vision for NPT was to provide exceptional engineering and environmental design services, delivering responsible designs to the highest quality. But whilst maintaining environmental awareness and avoiding the unnecessary ‘red tape’ and high overhead costs associated with larger ‘corporates’.

In today’s volatile economic climate, the trio see an opportunity to fill a niche by delivering personalised solutions and fostering closer client relationships, all at a competitive and realistic cost.

Responsible design. Minimal impact.

As a collective, we are focused on delivering responsible design to serve both the present and the future with minimal impact.

We strive to deliver premium and robust solutions and services mainly for the water and construction sector, whilst simultaneously protecting the environment around us. In an industry with a potentially high impact on the environment, our goal is to use innovation, thought and awareness to reduce this impact and disruption whilst minimising associated costs and maintaining a high level of service delivery.

​Our team of Civil Engineers, CAD Technicians, Surveyors and Support Services have many years of experience from preliminary planning and feasibility studies, through all aspects of design and construction support/management.

Our values.

Together with providing a personal touch with minimal overhead cost in comparison to large corporates, the key focus will always be, the delivery of efficient, cost effective, and responsible design engineering & environmental management services to ensure reduced social and environmental impact, all in line with our company RESPECT core values.


As a small business, reputation matters

From experience, successful delivery whilst maintaining close client relationships leads to a continued workload and promotes the business positively to a wider audience. Unlike many larger corporates, we believe that we are small enough to care but large enough to cope.


We are keen to raise awareness to reduce environmental impact. What we do today will shape tomorrow and we aim to ensure that future generations benefit from us delivering sustainable solutions with minimal impact.

We believe this to be one of our USPs, delivering full in-house environmental consultation, management, and on-the-ground services throughout all stages of design and construction.


The promotion of safe practices and awareness is paramount at NPT and forms a key delivery.

Where feasible, and in line with CDM 2015 guidelines for the role of the designer, we will focus on the professional preparation of designs, identifying hazards and mitigating associated risks. We will also advise upon, promote, and deliver safe practices at all times.


Our people are fundamental to our success.

To build and maintain business, we actively promote honesty, openness, skills, professionalism, respect, intellect, passion, character, and personality. We pride ourselves on ethical decision-making and care about individual development.


We love what we do and strive to deliver to our clients.

As a small business in a competitive industry filled with larger competitors, our enthusiasm sets us apart. We promote passion and enthusiasm both internally and externally because we believe that without genuine excitement for what we do and a shared passion with our clients, it’s challenging to truly understand expectations, build relationships, and succeed.


Without clients, there can be no business. We strive to align with client culture, meet expectations, follow necessary protocols, and deliver quality, safe, and ethical designs, all while prioritising cost reduction when feasible.

Unlike larger corporates where delivery/focus can become distant, with large overhead costs, our size avoids such issues. We provide full professional design packages and support to clients while fostering close relationships to ensure trust and collaborative project delivery.


Actions are simply the reflection of the thought process. We recognise the importance of thought because it determines our success and ensures that our clients receive the best feasible solution and remain happy. We ensure that all options are considered and remain critical of ourselves so that design not only works, but remains sustainable and within budget. We prioritise ‘buildability’, the environment, and the ‘end user’ whilst meeting the required scope and incorporating innovative methods and design concepts whenever possible.

We embrace new technologies to lessen environmental impact, minimise disruption, and cut client costs while sharing knowledge and raising awareness in line with our ethical values. By asking questions and analysing complex problems from all perspectives, we ensure the delivery of solutions that benefit both the present and the communities of tomorrow.

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